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August 2017 Meeting Minutes



AUGUST 23, 2017

Board Members Present:     Vince Maida, Daniel Lindblom, Diane Esola

Board Members Absent:      Jason Salmon

Also Present:                                                 Paul Valyo & James Bouras, Community Management & Construction, Inc.

President Vince Maida stated there is a quorum of Board Members present and opened the August 23, 2017 Board Meeting at 7:00 pm.

MINUTES – The Board reviewed the Minutes from the June 14, 2017 Board Meeting. Mr. Lindblom made a motion to approve the Minutes from the June 14, 2017 Board Meeting as written. Mrs. Esola seconded this motion and it was unanimously approved by the Board.

FINANCIAL - The Board reviewed the August 16, 2017 Delinquency Report. Several delinquent accounts were discussed.

DIETZ – The Board decided to wait another month before deciding to again begin foreclosure.

OVERBEY – The owner is making monthly payments of $150 to reduce the delinquent account.

DUQUE – The owner is making monthly payments of $1,000 to reduce the delinquent account.

The Board then reviewed the July 2017 Balance Sheet and Income and Expense Report. Mr. Valyo furnished the Board with the Operating Account and Reserve Account balances. Mr. Valyo stated the Association’s expenses are under budget through July 2017 and the Association is in good and stable financial condition.


ENTRANCE SIGN REFURBISHING – Mr. Bouras furnished the Board with two entrance sign proposals:

1.         Fast Signs for a foam stucco and foam stone sign for the price of $24,852.

2.         MSL Construction for a concrete footing, columns and block sign for the price of $29,050.

The Board discussed the proposals and what could be done with the existing signs to “update” them a bit. Because there is a total of only $37,704 in the Reserve Account at this time the Board decided to clean, patch and paint the signs with new grey tone colors. Mrs. Esola will obtain several grey color samples from the Sherwin Williams paint store and furnish them to the Board and management for review. Paint samples will then be painted on the existing signs for further Board review and approval.

LEASING ISSUES – Mr. Valyo informed the Board that implementing the Board’s new policy to have all leased properties renew their lease application including a new criminal report for all persons leasing rental properties requiring another $125 application fee is being met with resistance from the landlords and tenants. The Board instructed M. Valyo to continue with the new approved leasing policy.

WEBSITE – Nothing new to report.

OLD BUSINESS AND NEW BUSINESS – Mr. Bouras informed the Board that the proposed chain link fence to be installed at the west side of the tennis court fence to help keep ATV’s from entering Vince Maida Park would need to be permitted and this could become expensive. Mr. Valyo then stated the Park Site Plan the county has on file will need to be amended to include the new fence as part of the permit and this could cause problems. The Board decide not to install the fence at this time and instructed management to obtain the approved site plan from the county.

Michael Sirotinsky and Irina Petrova (the owners of 22574 Grouper Court) were in attendance at the meeting and questioned the Board regarding a violation letter they received to remove seven Coconut Palms they installed in the Palm Beach County road right of way swale section of Sea Bass Drive. Mr. Valyo and Mr. Bouras explained that.

1. The owners installed the Coconut Palms on property they do not own.

2. The owners installed the Coconut Palms without approval from Ashley Park or Palm Beach County       .

3. The Coconut Palms were installed too close together; too close to the public sidewalk and Sea Bass Drive; the palms when mature will drop coconuts and palm fronds in the swale, on the sidewalk and the road surface.

4. The Coconut Palms could adversely affect the intended drainage in the swale area where they were planted.

5. The Coconut Palms will be difficult to maintain when mature and there is no obligation for the home owners to maintain these palms since they were planted on county property without their approval.

The Board directed the owners to remove the Coconut Palms from the county property.

Mr. Lindblom made a motion to adjourn the Board Meeting at 8:10 pm. The motion was seconded by Mr. Maida and unanimously approved by the Board.

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