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Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to welcome new residents and review with all residents the frequently asked questions about Ashley Park Homeowners Association rules and regulations.  As a friendly reminder, these rules apply to residents and their guests.

  • Waste Pick-Up Schedule

    • Garbage​

      • Monday and Thursday​

    • Recycling​

      • Monday Only​

    • Bulk Trash​

      • Thursday Only

    • Landscape Waste​

      • Thursday Only​​

  • Parking​

    • No parking at any time shall be permitted on sidewalks or grassy areas of any kind.

  • Pets

    • Please pick up after your pets.  

      • Curbing your pet(s) is an association & Palm Beach County rule and will be enforced. 

    • Please keep dogs and cats on a leash at all times. 

      • Dogs and cats may not roam free. ​

    • Pick up and properly dispose all solid waste deposited by your pet.

  • Waste Disposal

    • Garbage cans, recycling bins, and landscape & yard waste must be placed at the curb for pickup no earlier than 3 P.M. the day before such waste is to be collected.​​

    • Trash cans and recycling bins shall be removed from the front of your house promptly (by the end of pickup day) after trash pickup. Keep empty garbage cans and recycling bins in garage or in landscaped areas on the side of your home where they will be concealed from street or adjacent properties view at all times.

  • Renting Your Property​

    • A homeowner may not rent their house during the twelve months following the date of the execution of the deed into the present owner.  

    • If a homeowner decides to rent their home, the tenant must be approved by the Ashley Park Rental Committee before occupancy is to occur. The Rental Application, a copy of the lease, and application fee must be submitted to the management office. 

    • Tenant(s) must be re-approved on an annual basis - a background check for all tenants will be performed at each annual renewal.

    • The Rental application can be downloaded and printed from the Guidelines and Documents page.

  • Exterior Modifications​

    • Any modifications proposed to the exterior of your property must first receive approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).         

    • This includes, but is not limited to: painting/staining, landscaping, fences, screen enclosures, patios, spas, shutters, satellite dishes, additions, driveway improvements etc. If any alteration or modification is made without the required written consent of the ACC, the alteration has therefore been undertaken in violation of the declaration, and may be required to be removed. 

  • Maintenance

    • Please keep your driveway and sidewalk clean and perform regular landscape maintenance.

  • Fines

    • The Association may elect to fine any homeowner who is in violation of any of the above rules and regulations, as well as any other violation of the Declarations & Covenants, for failure to cure or cease any violation.  Fines can be as much as $100.00 per incident per day, not to exceed $1,000, pursuant to the provisions of Florida Statute Section 720.305 (2). 

  • Hurricane/Emergency Planning​

    • For questions relating to hurricane preparedness or other emergency planning please visit

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