August 2020 - Meeting Minutes



AUGUST 12, 2020

Board Members Present: Daniel Lindblom, Jeff Wasylowsky, Stacy Puleo, Diane Esola and Brian McGuinn

Board Members Absent: None

Also Present: Jim Bouras, Community Management & Construction, Inc.

Daniel Lindblom stated there is a quorum of Board Members present via audio conference call and opened the August 12, 2020 Virtual Board Meeting at 7:00 pm.

MINUTES – The Board reviewed the Minutes from the July 8, 2020 Board Meeting. Mrs. Puleo made a motion to approve the Minutes from the July 8, 2020 Board Meeting as written. Mr. Lindblom seconded this motion and it was unanimously approved by the Board.

FINANCIAL - The Board reviewed the June 30, 2020 Delinquency Report. One delinquent account was discussed.

#85 – This account will be monitored and discussed at the next Board Meeting.

The Board then reviewed the July 2020 Balance Sheet and Income and Expense Report. Mr. Bouras stated the Association is in good and stable financial condition.


DISCUSS BLUE TARP AT 22646 SEA BASS DRIVE – The Board Members discussed this matter and agreed to support the ACC decision to deny this request based on the facts that this structure is not permanently attached, it is not a neutral color and it is visible from the street. If the homeowner would like to install a sail shade, they would need to re-submit the request following the shade requirements mentioned above: permanently affixed structure, neutral color and not visible from the street.

COCONUT PALM BEHIND 22532 SEA BASS DRIVE – This matter will be discussed after the Board receives a legal opinion from the association attorney.

LEASE INFORMATION UPDATE – Nothing new to discuss.

WEBSITE – Nothing new to discuss.


VINCE MAIDA PARK TREE PLANTING AND LANDSCAPING UPDATE – The board members agreed that trees that were installed at Vince Maida Park look beautiful. The board also discussed future possible projects including playground update and the best ways to organize a poll for homeowners to vote on the future projects through the Web side or via an annual mailing.


One of the Ashley Park homeowners Yulia Balyberdina addressed the board regarding the condition of the playground equipment informing the Board that the playground in its current condition is not an amenity to the community and the Board should consider making the playground renovation a priority. The Board Members discussed this matter. It was noted that since the playground renovation is an expensive project, the Board decided to postpone it at this time but it doesn’t mean that this project is forgotten.

Yulia Balyberdina also addressed the board regarding the additional maintenance costs of the newly installed walking path and landscaping at the Vince Maida Park and possibility of sharing these costs with the neighboring communities. It was noted that each association is bearing maintenance costs for the amenities that belong to them.

Yulia Balyberdina also asked if there is a way to contact the PBCSO contract deputies patrolling the Ashley Park community. The Board responded that if it is a non-emergency issue she should call the PBCSO non-emergency number and call 911 if there is an emergency.

Yulia Balyberdina wanted to know when the Board is planning to resume the regular face-to-face Board Meetings and how the homeowners can contact management. Mr. Lindblom answered that it will depend on the COVID-19 situation – he would like to see the numbers of cases in the area go down before the Board resumes face-to-face meetings. The homeowners can contact management through the Ashley Park Website and by calling and/or e-mailing the management office.

Mr. Lindblom made a motion to adjourn the Board Meeting at 7:40 pm. The motion was seconded by Mr. Wasylowsky and unanimously approved by the Board.

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